Uzavtosanoat intends to establish a regional testing field on the basis of the Pskent motor field.

A new modern enterprise will specialize in car certification, road practice, climatic, bench test and other laboratory tests, as well as sports events.

In the near future, the Pskent motor field will be transferred to the statutory fund of Uzavtosanoat as a contribution of the state. The President provided the company with privileges and preferences for effective implementation of the project.

For instance, the regional car testing field is exempted from land tax, legal entities property tax and corporate income tax by January 1, 2020. Under the project, the company will also be able to import construction materials, equipment and spare parts to it, component parts, technological documentation, tools and raw materials that are not produced in the republic without paying customs duties.

Professionals often compare the Pskent motor field with the famous race track under the Italian city of Monza, noting its chic oval and the ability to squeeze the maximum speed. Previously, it was used as a year-round hard surface car testing field, especially in high-temperature conditions, which are often over 45-50 degrees. Today, it is a venue of various regular ring races of enthusiasts.


Source: Information Agency Jahon

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