Products, manufactured under the brand “Made in Uzbekistan”, occupy a strong position in the international market. Foreign buyers appreciate quality products of light industry enterprises, operating in Fergana region.

Made in Uzbekistan

In the process of consistent economic reforms, which is carried out under the leadership of the President of our country, special attention is focused on the expansion of production with attraction of foreign investments and improving the export potential of the enterprises, which contributes to economic stability and growth of welfare of the population.

In Fergana region were commissioned plurality of production facilities with the participation of foreign capital. As part of the programs, implemented in the region in 2015, were attracted investments for 78.6 million dollars, including 54.5 million dollars of direct investment.

The bulk of investments fell on the share of light, electrical engineering, chemical industry and construction materials. Currently, 16.5 thousand people work in 638 light industry enterprises of the region. 42 joint enterprises, actively operating in the industry, export their products to more than 30 countries.

Such enterprises as “Indorama Kokand Tekstayl” in Kokand, “Beshariq Tukimachi” in Beshariq district, “Fergana spinning” in Bagdad district, realized long-term projects, and mastered the production of new products. Uzbek-Thai joint venture “Fergana oseana textile”, recently began its work in Fergana, able to annually process 3.6 thousand tons of raw cotton and produce high-quality yarn. Products are exported to European countries, Russia and China.

Uzbek-British joint venture “Beshariq tekstil” in Beshariq district also supplies their products on the external market. Over the past three years, was implemeted a large-scale modernization, were introduced modern technologies. Production capacity has been increased, product quality improved, more than 700 people were provided with work.

All this is the result of Independence, large-scale reforms on development of the private sector in our country, improving of incomes and welfare of the population.


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